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The Domestic Modified Plastics Industry Is Too Heavy To Break The Foreign Power

In recent years, benefiting from the technological progress and the upgrading of consumption, China's modified plastics industry to maintain a relatively rapid development. Data show that last year, China's modified plastics production of about 7.5 million tons, annual composite growth rate of 23.59%, is expected to reach 8.53 million tons 2012.

However, behind the Bright Eye Development Report card, the domestic modified plastics industry lacks the core technology and the processing equipment backwardness of the stubborn disease is also increasingly prominent. In fact, the current domestic modified plastics market 70%-80% of the market share in the hands of multinational enterprises. Domestic modified plastics industry is still low self-sufficiency, a large number of products, especially high-end plastics, still need to import from abroad.

In this respect, the industry pointed out that the domestic modified plastics industry presents a large and not strong pattern. On the one hand, after years of development, the scale of the domestic modified plastics industry has jumped the forefront of the world. But compared with other countries, the domestic modified plastics industry in the technical level still has a large gap, for example, the functional modification of plastics technology of the core one by one processing additives formulations of the development of a variety of plastic additives in developed countries, the current types of complete, special-purpose, and the domestic currently except a few manufacturers, but also only the production of large varieties.