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The Core Technology Of Plastic Profile Industry's Wings Takeoff

In recent years, the domestic plastic profiles industry has made rapid development. In particular, with the development and popularization of products, the rapid pace of the plastic profiles industry has become an important part of the industry, the pull of the industrial economy is playing a more and more crucial role.

It is understood that the plastic profiles industry's main products include: plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic sheets, plastic waterproof coil and plastic profiles. Among them, plastic pipes, plastics plates and other products have entered a stable and mature period of growth, for the most mature plastic profiles of varieties. Data show that only plastic profiles with an annual output of 2.8 million tons of production capacity, the entire industry is also accelerating the scale.

In this respect, the industry points out that the domestic plastic profiles industry is entering the development of high speed. In particular, under the guidance of relevant national policies, the domestic plastic profiles industry will be more rapid development. In fact, the plastic profiles industry in the current plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic plates and other products in China has formed a large industrial chain of chemical building materials, expected to its future market total demand is expected to reach 10 million tons, the development of the entire industry has undoubtedly provided a powerful impetus.